9662 Long Range UHF Gen2 RFID Tags Alien H3

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UHF 860-960Mhz. Swift reading up to 7 meters in range.

Adhesive and waterproof PET inlay labels. Easy to apply on surfaces and bend on curvy objects.

Easy to track large assets in warehouses and manage inventory.

Runners can use these tags on race bibs to track your race timing. Easy to program.

Size: 1 piece
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Customer Reviews

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Jimena Ramirez
Reading distance seems pretty accurate

The tags have been reliable to be detected for our inventory. I used a marker on the label, and so far the ink hasn't faded off and looks like it can last for a while.

Printable Labels

Help you to better manage tracking information of assets. Use with a proper printer.

Not Easy to Peel Off

Firmly adhesive. Never lose a single inventory.

9662 Long Range UHF Gen2 RFID Tags Alien H3

Easy to Program with UHF Readers. Save Time Tracking Assets.

PET Material

Sleek and Soft. Resistant to accidental scraping and wear.


No need for screws. Stick on surfaces even with curvature.

Markable Surface

You can write on the labels with markers. Don’t worry about it fading off.

ALIEN Higgs-3 Chip

Swift scanning response. Real-time tracking.

Easy Programming

Read-write lock function. Can be repeatedly edited or switched to read-only mode.

Unique ID number

Each tag has a unique ID number

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9662 Long Range UHF Gen2 RFID Tags Alien H3

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