9662 Long Range UHF Gen2 RFID Tags

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Utilizing Ultra High Frequency (UHF) technology, these long-range UHF tags have an extended read range of up to 7 meters.

Ideal for tracking inventory management in large warehouses and industrial settings, and managing assets and personnel.

Swiftly real-time inventory management and asset tracking.

Size: 20 pieces
Material: Regular
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Jimena Ramirez
Reading distance seems pretty accurate

The tags have been reliable to be detected for our inventory. I used a marker on the label, and so far the ink hasn't faded off and looks like it can last for a while.

9662 Long Range UHF Gen2 RFID Tags

Greatly Improve Efficiency of Your Business. Streamline Inventory, Asset, and Personnel Management.

RFID UHF Tag 9662 long range TagtixRFID
9662 Long Range UHF Gen2 RFID Tags Sale priceFrom $8.90 USD
PET Material

Sleek and shiny. Resistant to accidental scraping and wear.


Easy to attach to various surfaces.

Markable Surface

Convenient to write things on the stickers


UHF RFID metal tags can be used on metal objects without interference. Please choose Anti-Metal option.

ALIEN Higgs-3 Chip

Swift scanning response. Real-time tracking.

Easy Programming

Read-write lock function. Can be repeatedly edited or switched to read-only mode.

Up to 30% off for bulk orders

Durable. Resistant to Moisture, Dust, and Extreme Temperatures.

Reliable Materials for Your Sourcing Process

9662 Long Range UHF Gen2 RFID Tags

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