Custom Developed RFID Magstripe Reader & Module

Save 20% on Internal System Budget

Working to upgrade

Payment System in Laundromats?

Need readers to build

Payment Kiosks for Game Venues?

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POS Systems for Your Clients?

We Make Your Solution Design Happen

Custom-Developed RFID NFC MSR Reader Modules

Many off-the-shelf readers don't always fit the exact specifications of your solution systems, leading to compatibility issues.

Our experienced engineers can produce the RFID and Magstrip readers & modules in any function you wish to have. Like four-directional swiping, USB serial ports, consecutive reading, custom housing, etc.

Reserve Your Time & Energy

Save More Than 20% in Product Cost

Instead of hunting components and samples around, let us know what you need.

We create bespoke RFID modules & MSR readers to seamless fit with your existing systems.

No Minimum Quantity Required

Most manufacturers require at least 500 MOQ to customize card readers.

Most of the time, you may just need 150.

Need 150 or 2500 units? We've got your covered. 🙌

Plus, We Will Return Your Development Fee

when total order quantity accumulates to a certain amount.

Your product costs will be lowered by at least 20%.

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How We've Helped Business Like You

Tailored Serial Reading 125khz EM4100 Module

Save 20% in operation costs for a Canadian transit fare collection system

Customized Prototype

Applied in System


Deliver Within Two Weeks

We Develop Prototypes without MOQ

Tailored RFID Module for Transit Fare Collection Box in Canada - TagtixRFID

Tailored RFID Module for Transit Fare Collection Box in Canada

With our tailored RFID EM4100 modules with USB serial port, MP is able to achieve continuous tag detection without interruption in their fare collection system. The result was a 20% reduction in p...

Laundromat Payment System with Customized NFC Reader in New York - TagtixRFID

Laundromat Payment System with Customized NFC Reader in New York

By integrating contactless NFC and credit card payments into the interface of laundromat machines, Jason's team has eliminated the need for physical coins. Customers now enjoy the convenience of p...

10+ Years

Serving solution providers in North America and Europe

Manufacturing Sail Off

Our factory brought in advanced automatic production line of RFID reader and cards. We started operating as a RFID manufacturer to clients in Hong Kong.

Manufacture RFID Reader at Next Level

Our team started to offer customized readers for clients with specific project requirements as they expand their business scale. Many of them had been long-term partners trusting our manufacturing capability.

Advance in UHF Reader Development

With massive asset tracking needs from large enterprises, we started to invest in UHF R&D and offer a wide range of UHF readers writers, printers and labels.

RFID Products Sailing Overseas

Our team started to attend expos worldwide and extend our clients base overseas to North America, Europe, Australia, and Turkey.

Break the traditions of a manufacturer

B2B Service Beyond Products

We created TagtixRFID as a new brand to offer RFID services beyond the traditional manufacturer approach. With global-based sales and customer service members, we strive to empathize with our clients’ solution needs and cater to them with one-stop-shop service.

We've been working with TagtixRFID for the past 5 years, and they've been a lifesaver. Their ability to customize their card readers to our specific needs has been invaluable.

John, Access Control Security Solution Engineer

We have been blown away by the level of support and attention to detail they provide. And, the fact that they have no minimum order requirements has made our ordering process so much easier.

Sarah, Payment Solution Provider Director

What sets them apart is their flexibility to customize their readers to our exact requirements. Plus, reliable products. They've helped us finish a seamless tracking system update.

Tom, Fleet Management Company General Manager

Our Clients Typically Save 20% Costs Than Previous Vendor

Whether you need reader for 125Khz, 13.56 Mifare NFC, EMV chip or magnetic credit cards, we’ve got you covered.

Working Frequency

125Khz Low Frequency. EM4100 family.

13.56Mhz NFC & Magnetic Stripe

13.56Mhz NFC & Magnetic Stripe

Support Contactless NFC



Yes. Mifare NFC

Read Magnetic Card



Yes. Support EMV chip and PSAM cards.

Rewrite / Encode



Yes. APDU commands required for EMV chip.

USB Powered

Yes. No charger needed.

Yes. No AC adapter needed.



Yes. Can support HID.

Yes. Any functions.


Driverless Plug n' Play


Yes. No driver setup needed.

Free SDK Software Download

You May Still Be Wondering?

Got a question or a special request? Click that chat button.Our tech whiz Jayden who has 10+ years of experience will help you in a jiffy!
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About TagtixRFID

With more than a decade of experience in RFID, our tech experts have been helping solution providers in North America and Europe.

We strive to help you succeed in producing POS systems, payment kiosks, or advanced payment solutions in laundromats, theaters, entertainment centers, truck fleets, fare collection systems, etc.

Some of them are family-owned businesses. Some are independent tech consultants building payment systems. Others are corporations building their in-house asset management projects.

We started TagtixRFID because we want to elevate how we serve our clients beyond the traditional manufacturing approach. Crossing off the miscommunications or language barriers in the RFID supply chain, we strive to empathize with clients’ challenges and specific needs. Instead of hunting quotes and samples around, we help our clients save energy and time sourcing materials, lower operation costs, and avoid the hassle of sourcing from multiple suppliers.

We don’t require a minimum order quantity, and we return development fees after an accumulated order amount.