Tailored RFID Module for Transit Fare Collection Box in Canada

Tailored RFID Module for Transit Fare Collection Box in Canada - TagtixRFID


MP specializes in Automated Fare Collection systems for public transit in North America. Their standout product is the Hybrid Payment System, which combines contactless card and account-based payment methods. This makes it super easy for passengers to pay, whether they're using a physical card or a mobile app.

Their founder and system integration architect, Livant J., first purchased a bulk batch of EM4100 125khz RFID readers from our online store as a component replacement since the original supplier has retired the product.

Challenges: Discontinued Module From Previous Supplier

Fast-forward a month, and we touched base with Livant for some insights. We discovered that their team needs an upgraded function, which entails in two aspects:

  • They require an RFID module that can continuously detect the presence of EM4100 family tags every few seconds without removing the cards after each read.
  • The reader module needs to be connected to the fare collection payment equipment through a USB serial port.

Solution: Custom Development for Non-Stop Active Tag Detection

After a thorough search in our product lines, we proposed to MP to custom-develop RFID modules with tailored functions.

With clear instructions and detailed tech specifications from MP’s team, along with their old module as a reference, our engineers kicked off the development process.

Development Timeline & Delivery

First things first, our skilled engineers crafted a prototype. The development process takes four weeks.

We sent the prototype sample to MP for a test run to ensure 100% compatibility. No strings attached yet at this point. We only charged a development fee before ensuring the modules work 100%.

After a few days of testing and a minor port configuration, our custom-developed modules turned out to hit the bullseye. MP’s fare collection payment system works as usual without changing anything!

Result: 20% Reduction in Product Costs

Our custom-fit RFID module fit with MP’s existing fare collection system like a glove. The seamless integration required no modifications to their existing hardware or software infrastructure.

Most importantly, this tailored solution resulted in a 20% reduction in product costs for MP.

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