How to use a reader writer for magnetic cards or credit cards?

How to use a reader writer for magnetic cards or credit cards? - TagtixRFID

What Is A Magnetic Stripe Reader Writer?

A Magnetic Stripe Card Reader or MSR Reader Writer is a device used to read and write data on magnetic stripe cards. It is commonly used for encoding and decoding information on credit cards, identification cards, and other types of magnetic stripe cards.

The MSR605, MSR606, and MSRx6 are all examples of magnetic stripe reader writers, each with their own specific features and capabilities.

The MSR909 reader writer is an upgraded version of the MSR605, MSR605x, MSR606 and MSRx6. It has the same function of reading and writing magnetic cards while also being more lightweight and USB-powered, without any extra power supply and driver setup needed.

MSR909 Specifications

  • Read and rewrite all three tracks of credit cards
  • Support ISO, AAMVA, DMV, raw data, and user define format
  • Support both HiCo and LoCo cards (300~4000 oe)
  • Compliant Systems: Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Interface: Standard USB
  • Standard: ISO7811/1~6
  • Power supply: 5V
  • Operating Indicator: LED lights
  • Size: 150mm(L)*50mm(W)*52mm(H), 5.91in(L)*1.97in(W)*2.05in(H)
  • Weight: 342g [12.06oz]
  • Package Size: 180mm(L)*100mm(W)*80mm(H), 7.09in(L)*3.94in(W)*3.15in(H)
  • Safety Rating: CE, FCC, ROHS


How do credit card reader writers work?

Magstrip reader writers work by reading and writing data using a magnetic stripe. When a card is swiped through the reader, the device uses a magnetic head to read the data stored on the magnetic stripe. This data can include information such as card numbers, expiration dates, and cardholder names.

When it comes to writing, the device uses a magnetic writer to encode the magnetic stripe with the desired information. This can include adding or updating account information, creating access control cards, or encoding gift cards with a specific value.

The process of reading and writing data on a magnetic card involves manipulating the magnetic particles on the stripe to represent the encoded information. This data can then be read and recognized by compatible card reader systems.


How do you use a card reader writer?

Many of you might have watched the video of Nathan Seidle on magnetic card readers. He has provided detailed step-by-step tutorials. But he uses a card reader and a writer separately. 

Below, we have found videos for you to use with specific cards you want to read and write, with a single card reader writer.


Using MSR Reader Writer for Gift Cards


Using MSR Reader Writer for Credit Cards


MSR Reader Writer Software Download

The software is specifically designed to be used with our MSR909 credit card reader writer. It’s free to use upon the purchase of MSR909. You'll also receive 20 blank magnetic cards for testing.

Get MSR909 Reader Writer & Download Software for Free


Have a Writer, Just Need the Software?

If you already have a credit card reader writer and would only need the writer software, you can get the software download link here.

Get the Link for MSR Reader Writer Software



What kinds of information are encoded on the magnetic stripe?

Typically, the magnetic stripe contains the cardholder's name, card number, expiration date, and sometimes additional data or customer identification such as an ID number.

Can I use MSR909 to read and write data on a credit card?

While card readers and writers are available for purchase, it's important to note that using a magnetic card reader/writer for unauthorized purposes can result in legal implications. It's essential to only use such devices in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Are there different tracks on a magnetic stripe?

Yes, there are three tracks on a magnetic stripe. Track 1 typically contains the cardholder's name, while track 2 holds the card number and other financial data. Track 3 is less commonly used and can carry additional information, such as the card's security code or other custom data.

Can MSR909 read all three tracks?

Yes, MSR909 can read all three tracks of magnetic cards using the software. Be sure to verify the compatibility with the cards you want to use.

Can MSR909 program loyalty cards or gift cards?

MSR909 reader writer can replicate the information stored on a magnetic stripe. It could work with a Visa card, a loyalty program card from a store, and gift cards.

What is the format of Magstripe encoding?

The most common format for credit card data is specified by the ISO/IEC 7811 standard, which defines the layout of the three tracks and the data structure.

What is the difference between a smart card reader and a magnetic stripe reader?

A smart card reader communicates directly with the microprocessor chip on the card, allowing for secure data exchange and authentication. On the other hand, a magnetic stripe reader captures the data encoded on the stripe through magnetic sensors and does not communicate directly with the card itself.


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