MSR160 4-in-1 RFID Reader Writer Software Download

Download the SDK Software and User Manual

It includes:

  • Demo software
  • Demo Software User Manual (It's like having a tech wizard by your side.)
  • Dll file (Dynamic link library for engineer development and integration.)
  • Setting tool (to setup Passive/Active mode of magnetic card reader and RFID card reader)
  • Source code (Programming source code for engineer development and integration)
  • API Function Description (Application Programming Interface guide for engineer development and integration)

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Custom Development No MOQ Required

Our experienced engineers can custom develop the RFID modules to embed into your systems. Hardware configuration, wiring adjustments, or USB or serial port, etc tailored to your solution needs.

We Return Development Fee

When orders accumulate to a certain amount. Start with testing a sample and deploy the final products with tech support from our engineers.

No matter how many you need, we are here to help. We value every client’s trust.

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