Bluetooth Pet Microchip ID Tag Scanner Reader FDX-B/EMID 256 Records Data Storage

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Microchip scanner for cats & dogs with Bluetooth & USB connection.

It can store up to 256 records of IDs. Support reading FDX-B (ISO11784 / 11785) and EMID microchips. Works at both 134.2kHz and 125kHz frequency.

Perfect for busy pet owners and breeders, ensuring no chip is missed and keeping your pets safe.

Type: Bluetooth 256 Records Storage
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Need A Easier & Cheaper Way to Scan All Your Dogs' Microchips Without Missing A Beat?

Reading Data format

Support reading FDX-B and EMID microchips. ISO 11784/11785 compliant.

Support Duel Frequency

Both 134.2kHz and 125kHz would work

Save Your Time Scanning

Can store up to 256 records of data

USB Powered

Recharge easily via USB and stay informed with a low battery alert, ensuring your device is always ready when you need it.

Portable Size and Lightweight

2.3 x 5.3 x 0.55 inches and weights 73.8g.

It fits comfortably in your pocket for easy handling and portability.

Bluetooth and USB

Seamlessly transfer data to your PC or mobile device via Bluetooth without a cable. Fast & easy Bluetooth connection.

Extended Reading Distance

>15cm for 30mm ear tags; >5cm for microchips.

Highly sensitive to quickly detect and read microchips, ensuring no pet goes unscanned and improving efficiency in high-volume environments.

Instant Tag Reading & Data Transfer

How Breeders & Fosters Are Enjoying the Bluetooth Scanner

Great value

As a breeder, having a chip scanner is essential. My old one wasn’t exactly stylish, so I ordered this one. It works well, was reasonably priced, and it’s quite cute.

Pleasantly surprised!

We have a lot of stray and loose dogs in my area (including my two pups). After an incident with my neighbor, I decided to buy this. I thought it would be expensive but was pleasantly surprised by how affordable and feature-packed it was.

Loved it.

We have a lot of stray cats showing up on our porch. We bought this to check if any of them were lost pets. It worked easily and quickly found chips in every cat I tried it on. Just a quick wave near their neck, and it beeps to let you know.

The basics are solid.

It reads chips like it’s supposed to and reports its findings through USB cable, wireless USB dongle, and Bluetooth. It works with every device and OS, because it mimics a keyboard (with one exception noted below). I can’t vouch for all chip readings personally, since I only have two cats with the same model chip, but this device accurately reads the ID number shown on the shelter paperwork.

It works great

I tested it on my own chipped cat, and it picked up the chip immediately. As advertised, if you open a text document like Notepad or MS Word, and upload the data via USB cable, the 2.4 GHz USB dongle, or a Bluetooth connection, it just dumps the data into the file. You can then copy that number and paste it into any online chip lookup site to get the information. This unit is very handy, and I’ll be keeping it in my vehicle from now on.

Works well and quickly.

The item turns on with one button and immediately works, but there is no button to turn it off. You have to let it time out. I bought it to check a neighborhood stray cat. You can’t just scan the cat from a distance and hope for the best. You need to scan specific parts of the body from less than 6 inches away (upper back and behind the ear are the most common spots for cat chips).

Works great.

I’ve wanted one of these for a while but thought they were too expensive – not true. It’s very affordable. A valuable tool to have if you find stray pets. It increases the chances of reuniting lost pets with their families, which is very rewarding.


I foster kittens and cats and use this to verify chip placement on them and to check strays when they come into the program. It’s never missed a chip, though I haven’t tried it with older-style chips. It’s perfect for my needs, and I highly recommend it. Great price!

Works well!

As soon as I got within a few inches of our cats’ necks, this reader instantly read their microchip codes. The display, although small, was very clear and easy to read, even for my old eyes.

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Bluetooth Pet Microchip ID Tag Scanner Reader FDX-B/EMID 256 Records Data Storage

Frequently Asked

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How Does Animal Microchip Work?


Scan your pet to verify whether he or she has a microchip implanted already.


Scan the microchip syringe to verify that the microchip is functional to be read and the ID matches the barcode labels.


Implant the microchip. Then rescan the animal to verify that the microchip can be identified.


Don't forget to complete the animal's registration online.